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Gadlee Annual meeting 2013
Release Time:2014-09-23

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Time flies, instant, went to the end of the year 2013. Looking back on 2013, the cleaning equipment market has great changes. With unremitting efforts and innovation, Gadlee ensure the product sales rose steadily and made progress for the research and development. In order to better meet a wider space and opportunities for future development, on 11th December, 2013, Gadlee held the annual summary meeting, on which also release a new series of sweeper and commercial cleaning products, shared each other’s hard work over the past year with dealers, agents and customers, explored the further develop direction of Gadlee.

The annual meeting 2013 completed successfully under a big round of applause. Everyone learned a lot through this meeting, Gadlee will together with all distributors, agents and customers to make Gadlee better and stronger.

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