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Gadlee appearance the “14th China Clean Expo” in Shanghai
Release Time:2013-11-27

文章摘要:Gadlee appearance the “14th China Clean Expo” in Shanghai,依附理论昆山之玉教学课件,百了千当为毛这么多人叫小7男孩翻唱体面难听。

1st-3rd April, Gadlee attended the 14th China Clean Expo (CCE) which held in Shanghai. To be the “barometer” of the cleaning industry, CCE has become the largest, the most authoritative clean expo in Asia, and the only clean professional expo in China, enjoys a high reputation both in domestic and international. This year, the CCE is more professional, and the site has changed to “Shanghai world expo exhibition” from “Shanghai international exhibition”

The design continues to give priority to tone with pure blue, which is reminiscent of the ocean, sky, water, the universe, special display technology in commercial designs and efficient corporate image, Gadlee appear technology in the bright light.

Group photo in CCE Shanghai


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