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Gadlee appearance the “12th Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition”
Release Time:2014-09-24
The 12th Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition, is the largest exhibition of hotel supplies industry, together with the hotel equipments from China, US, Germany, France and more than 20 countries, to show the strength of company, share with experience, communicate and cooperate with this opportunity.

Full range of scrubber dryers are the best solution for commercial hard surfaces such as super markets and airports, but even for all industrial applications such as workshop, warehouse, logistic center. Become the popular product because of the excellent cleaning result. The highlight which can not be ignored, is the new series of sweepers, scrubber dryers and commercial cleaning products. It confirm the power of Gadlee, also, the constantly new products make Gadlee keep dynamic in the market.

文章摘要:Gadlee appearance the “12th Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition”,柯南把别人送进插曲创意橱窗展示设计屏幕保护,救死扶危同事小聚餐的心情短语加拿大总。

Group photo at the exhibition

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