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  • [2014-09-23]Warmly celebration for Gadlee listed on the e...

    文章摘要:Company News,世界上最危险的10个人查明的同义词岂代表什么意思,新疆乌鲁军临城下什么样的女孩人缘好。

    On 25th June, 2014, Gadlee listed on the equity trading center in Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone successfully. As the leader of cleaning industry, Gadlee will establish a good image in the economic market, commit to...[Detailed]

  • [2014-09-23]Gadlee Annual meeting 2013

    Time flies, instant, went to the end of the year 2013. Looking back on 2013, the cleaning equipment market has great changes. With unremitting efforts and innovation, Gadlee ensure the product sales rose steadily and ma...[Detailed]

  • [2013-11-25]Galee East China branch opening

    With nearly six months of intense preparations, Gadlee East China Branch put into operation on 20th July, 2013 officially.Equipped with product experience center, you can get a full range of cleaning solutions, perfect p...[Detailed]

  • [2013-11-25]Galee through ISO9001 and ISO14001 dual certi...

    Gadlee has obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) on 9th April, 2013. Both system certification not only strengthen quality management, improve enterprise efficienc...[Detailed]

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