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Gadlee would provide complete after-sales training for customers. In order to make the customer operate the products very skillfully, Gadlee will offer a series of free pre-service training which include theory and practical parts to operators according to the equipment which customer had bought.

Theory parts:

Basic knowledge of ground cleaning
According to the exact situation of the ground, introduce the basic knowledge of ground cleaning to operator, to make the operator grasp the basic information of cleaning.

Performance and features
Help the operator to have a theory understanding for the usage and performance of the equipment through introduction of the equipment, make a stable base for skillful operation.

Use and maintenance of the equipement
Explain main point of operation and basic maintenance of the equipment to operator

Practical parts:

Demonstration by training personnel
Combine with the theory parts, Gadlee training personnel will do demonstration to the operator with every machine, mainly demonstrate the usage points and attentions while using the machine.

Practical operation by operator
Operator will practice under the instruction of training personnel, our training personnel will correct the mistake while operation.

Practice of maintenance
Regarding to the daily maintenance and the problems may happen, our training personnel will do the demonstration combine with theory parts, so as to reduce the blind operation when the machine fail.

Training summarization
The final stage of training, training personnel will do the correct demonstration for the wrong operation when the operator practise, correct the mistakes, explain the problems that may occur in every stage, consequently, to improve the efficiency and to extend the service life of the equipment.


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